Leah Hurley, Director

Raised on the coast of Maine, educated in Boston and London, and drawn to the magic of NYC, Leah brings a range of experience to her work at Craft: operations management, event and media production, brand strategy and interactive advertising. This background is combined with access to a strong network of talent and a history of developing successful new ventures.

Leah was Partner/Operations Director for the non-traditional advertising agency Seed Gives Life (now known as Sub Rosa) throughout 3 years of rapid growth and is a founding member of the documentary-centric Camden International Film Festival, recently named one of the top 25 film festivals for documentaries internationally.

Leah has worked with clients including:

Canadian Country Music Awards, Cub Cadet, Davidoff Coolwater, Esteé Lauder Fragrances, Maker's Mark, Mountain Dew, Pop!Tech, Sean John, Sony Music, Trend Central and Wardenclyffe.